Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brew Day Is A MAJOR Success!

Pre-Brew day soaking in oxi-clean free to get all the nasties out of the equipment!

Cleaned and sanitized equipment is ready to go!

Brew pot is ready to roll!

Malt, barley, LME, hops, sanitizer, yeast...everything is ready to go!

Steeping the chocolate malt and barley.

My daughter Taylor and my son Alex are excited about daddy and his "rootbeer."

Half way through the boil! My wife Jessica refused to pose in any pictures because she was not having a good "hair day"...she was a major you baby!
Today's brew was a major success. Everything went exactly according to plan...all equipment met expectations...very tired now...4 hour process...time to relax and see what 2 weeks in the primary fermenter reveal! Cheers!

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